Commercial Rental Agreement Victoria

Third, submit the agreement to your client so that he has time to read it and get the assistance of a lawyer if he wishes. Depending on your comments, you may need to change the agreement. It is important that tenants and landlords communicate as soon as possible about their situation in order to try to reach an agreement. If something is not clear or if a landlord or tenant has any doubts, they can contact us. If they are in dispute, the tenant or landlord can ask the VSBC for assistance in resolving the matter through mediation. If there is no agreement, the tenant or landlord can apply to the VSBC for free mediation to help resolve the tenancy dispute. Learn more about the process for tenants and professional landlords under the commercial rent relief program. Our rental information does not apply to commercial leases. Our jurisdiction only covers leases. A 2017 Victoria Supreme Court decision[2] helped determine whether a building lease is a retail or business rent. In this case, the tenant operated a refrigerated storage store from the leased premises, and there was a dispute between the landlord and the tenant over the tenant`s liability for the payment of the property tax and expenses of more than $160,000.00. The case was brought to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Court, where it was established that the lease was commercial with respect to the premises and, as a result, the tenant was responsible for expenses, including property taxes.

Do you own and operate a business of a leased property? Are you a business owner? Do you know if your lease is a retail contract or a commercial lease? Don`t worry if you`re not sure, most small entrepreneurs aren`t aware of the differences between the two. We provide the agreement as a Word document, so it`s really just about customizing the agreement with your data. The Victorian government amended and extended the program until December 31, 2020. This means that rent relief agreements must be concluded between a commercial tenant and their landlord during the period from September 29, 2020 to December 31, 2020. VCAT can hear all kinds of disputes over retail and commercial rents.