Variazione Al Learning Agreement Unipv

The laboratory includes a total of 25 hours of classes and exercises, materials for individual studies, ex ante tests, intermediate tests for each module and final examination. The lab will be held on the university`s online learning platform next November and will include exclusively asynchronous activities, neither in presence nor with pre-defined timing, so that the student can manage his own time and act independently of each other as long as he completes the activities and passes the last test until November 30. All students in the programs participating in the experiments can access the online learning platform through their institutional references and follow the lab. 8 Maria in Betlem and its premises are equipped with a wireless Internet connection. The rooms are single, double and triple and have a shared bathroom. There are also six communal kitchens, a work room and a breakfast room. The meal can be eaten in a connected restaurant for a price of 5.50. There is no laundry service, no crockery and jars available. Cleaning services are carried out for the common areas, while the individual rooms under the responsibility of the students, as well as the room linen. If you accept your contribution, you must be paid two months in advance plus one as collateral. The monthly fee is 275.00 for the single room and 230.00 for the double/triple room.

The fees are payable monthly to the College`s Economato. The deposit will not be refunded if the student leaves the accommodation before the deadline expires. Instead, it is returned the day before departure if the agreements are respected and the room is not damaged. The duration of the stay extends from the end of September to the closing of the summer holidays, with the exception of the blackout period for the Christmas and Easter holidays. Cremona. The lobby has 43 seats with wireless connection. The single, double and triple rooms are equipped with common bathrooms. 6 kitchens, an office and a breakfast room are available. In a nearby restaurant, students can also enjoy a real meal for 5.50 euros. The lobby does not offer laundry services, cutlery and pottery are not included in the kitchen. Cleaning is carried out for common areas and cleaning of the premises is the responsibility of the sieves. Bed linen and towels are not provided.

Once a room is granted, students who intend to accept it must pay two months` rent in advance and another month`s rent in the form of a deposit. The monthly rent is 275.00 for the single room and 230.00 for the double/triple rooms. The rent must be paid monthly. The deposit will not be refunded if the students leave the hall before the agreed date. If the agreements are respected and no damage is reported to the room, the deposit will be refunded the day before the student leaves. The Residenzhalle opens at the end of September and ends at the beginning of the summer holidays. Easter and Christmas are excluded from the living contract. LEARNING AGREEMENT Before their arrival, students must conclude the apprenticeship agreement in accordance with the academic offer and send it to their Erasmus coordinator by copying the student mobility office, at the address Once in Pavia, students must meet with their Erasmus coordinator to verify the learning agreement on the basis of the updated academic offer and teaching schedules.