Agreement Benchbook

The Fair Labour Commission has established the Corporate Agreements Bank Book to help parties negotiate, establish and submit enterprise agreements under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth). 197 Evidence of intellectual and physical elements (PDF, 50KB) 190 Illegal sodomy of a mentally disabled person s 208 (c) (PDF, 22KB) except as above (Note 1) that the district bank log is used only for personal use and that any changes to the text will not be put into circulation 134 Extortion s 415 (1) Until December 1, 2008 (PDF, 40KB). . 61 Attention to hearing and hearing 93C (2) Evidence Act 1977 (PDF, 24KB) Chief Executive Judicial Commission of New South Wales GPO Box 3634 Sydney NSW 2001 DX 886 Sydney Tel: 61 2 9299 4421 Fax: 61 2 9290 3194 Email: localbb@judcom.nsw.gov.au . 16 Evidence admitted against a defendant only (PDF, 17KB) 146 Indecent treatment of a child under 16 s 210(a) (a) (a) (PDF, 370KB) 109 Attempt to advance the course of justice s 140 (PDF, 27KB) . The District Court-Bench Book is established only as an indication and is not intended to establish or develop legal principles, but to reflect the law in its current form at any given time. . 93 Criminal negligence 289 (responsible for dangerous things) (PDF, 34KB) . . 17 Dismissals during the trial of certain charges against thought-holders (PDF, 16KB) 119 Knowledge of the meat of a person suffering from impaired mind s216 (PDF, 20KB) Preface of the Supreme Judge and Desatorics (PDF, 332KB) 20 Records, transcripts and evidence (PDF, 348KB) . 50 Robbery behaviour and other conduct after the offence as evidence of guilt (PDF, 36KB) 148 Indecent treatment of the improper application of a child under the age of 16 to commit an indecent act s 210 (1) (b) (PDF, 24KB) Guidelines for the execution of the pre-recording of a witness concerned (PDF, 65KB) . 13A Privilege against self-incrimination (PDF, 345KB) 199 Defrauding the Commonwealth`s 29D Crimes Act (PDF, 26KB) Opening the Court of Justice bank book, you accept – 27 defendants give no evidence if no adverse findings (PDF, 25KB).

167 Rapes 347 (now cancelled) (for offences committed before 27 October 2000) (PDF, 30KB) 99 Killing for maintaining an abusive domestic relationship (PDF, 29KB) 125 Sexual Offences Aggravatement (PDF, 355KB) . The parties are assisted in the production of materials before the Commission. Do not use the Bench Book of the District Court for Reproduction in a commercial publication or as part of a commercial activity, with the exception of the preparation of a court proceeding, neither as a lawyer (lawyer or lawyer) nor as a member of the judiciary; 101 laws on serious assaults and other malicious acts – s 317 (PDF, 387KB) . 105 Risks of particular objects by fire 462 (PDF, 25KB) 70 Evidence of other sexual acts (or offenders) or other discreditable behaviours (PDF, 554KB) . 64 Closed Court – Exceptions to the General Rule of Opening (PDF, 50KB) 108 Attack on police officers in the performance of his duty 340 (PDF, 30KB) 129 Dangerous use of a motor vehicle (PDF, 57KB) 40 Lies narrated by the defendant (only for solvency) (PDF, 77KB) .