Anglian Water Bridge Over Agreement

NB: If sewers are pumped, construction above or near an agreement will not be permitted and a section 185 « diversion of a public sewer » will be requested. The requirement for a construction agreement is specified in the H4 Part Building Regulations You must use a Build Over/Near application via our online portal, InFlow if you do not meet our standard criteria. The building code requires that development proposals be considered on the basis of the plans of the local water authority and that they be taken into account when a new building or extension is displayed on its map from a canal within 3 metres. Under no circumstances will we allow construction by a canal or side sewer, where: www.thameswater.co.uk www.anglianwater.co.uk/developers/sewer-connection/build-over.aspx Please note that a diversion of sewers should be considered where possible. It is unlikely that we will allow you to build strategic public sewers. Find out why we need to know that you are planning a construction above or near a canal before applying for construction above or near a canal: if the existing tube is discovered in poor condition or if the material is pitch fiber, then you will be forced to place the length of the pipe under the structure at your expense. This minimizes the risk of structural plumbing failure after construction and the potential for inconvenience and service losses for you in the future. On October 1, 2011, water and sanitation companies became responsible for common private sewers, meaning that a construction agreement may be necessary if the flow is divided, even if it does not appear on the mapping system. If you intend to build a building or annex above or near a public channel, certain restrictions apply.

Public sewers are « sewers » that serve more than one piece of land that was accepted as public sewers or was laid before October 1, 1937. Public sewers can be mixed with faults, surface water or mixtures. Anyone can apply for the contract, including an owner or contractor. The most relevant is the one who is qualified, experienced or insured to create the information folder required for the construction contract. Of course, an entrepreneur may have the experience of the physical work associated with it, but this is completely independent of the experience in design and associated professional liability insurance. The owners of the United Kingdom have no assurance for this work. It depends on the individual situation, but for a public sewer building application, you will probably need this: if you want to build on a canal, you will need a construction agreement. This is necessary if you plan to build a building, extension, support construction or similar work nearby or directly on an existing canal.

The distance from the applicable sewer depends on several factors, including the depth of the sewers, as the sewers are critical, etc. although it is usually 3m.