Dfat Agreements

The Australian Treaty Database (ATD) is an online resource for the search for contracts signed by Australia or by which Australia has taken other contractual action. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, its executives, employees and agents assume no responsibility for losses, damages or expenses resulting from any omissions or inaccuracies of the material contained in this database. While it has been cautious in developing the Australian Contract Database, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information it contains. Users must rely on their own requests, capabilities and diligence for the use of information and request from primary sources. Requests can be forwarded to [email protected]. You can search for the topic, date or keyword, or use a search chain, that is, several words separated by the words « and » or « or. » Search results contain links to the full text of the contract. Use the links below or the toolbar above to browse the site.