Local 638 Metal Trade Agreement 2019

The FCC`s first allegation accuses HLI of violating its collective agreement with the Metal Trades CBA by refusing to allow Metal Trades Funds to view their books and recordings. Here is an introduction to the benefits that HVACR service technicians get as members of the local union and the union membership process. The applicants are the agents of two groups of trust funds for the employment services of several employers: the local pension funds of Metal Trades and the Service Fitters Industry Educational Funds (« Metal Trades Funds ») and Steamfitters Industry Pension, Supplemental Retirement, Welfare, Educational, educational, and Security Benefit Funds and Vacation Plan (« Construction Funds »). Applicant Steamfitting Industry Labor Management Cooperation Committee (« LMCC ») is a joint committee established under the Laboratory Management Relations Act. The applicants accuse the accused of violating collective agreements (« CBAs ») with the Union by failing to provide the necessary contributions and by refusing to authorize the examination of their books. The applicant parties argue that there is no jurisdiction for the object within the meaning of ERISA or LRMA, since they are in fact not parties to collective agreements with the Union. This mixes the merits of the applicants` claims with the existence of jurisdiction. 2019 Metal Trades Branch Lohnsatz Mitteilung 7/1-1-12/31 Steamfitters Local 638 is the New York branch of AU, the union representing HVACR industry workers. The jurisdiction of the local chapter is that of the five districts of New York and Long Island. According to the current collective agreement (which remains in force until June 2021), HVACR-Servicetechniker, Local 638 members are the following compensation and benefits: According to the FCC, HLI owner and CEO Ernest Henick signed a bargaining authorization in March 2010 that designated the Mechanical Service Contractors Association of New York (« MSCANY ») as an agent to execute a new CBA with the Union`s metallurgical industry.

MSCANY then entered CBA with the metallurgical trade and linked HLI to its terms.