Scheduled International Social Security Agreement

iii. subject to item (iv) with respect to New Zealand, all necessary amendments contain the security measures that must be defined in an information reconciliation agreement within the meaning of section 99 of the Data Protection Act 1993; and (d) « solvent delay » for Australia, a stay used for a benefit under Australian social security law; with regard to the Republic of Hungary, a period of contribution under the legislation of the Republic of Hungary or a period considered equivalent or a period of contribution under that legislation; As far as Australia is concerned, the concept of « social security » also includes the guarantee of over-starvation. (2) A reference in the agreement to a person`s stay in Australia must be considered a reference to the period of the person`s Australian professional life within the meaning of this Act. The pension rate or allowance to be paid under an agreement, with the addendum to be set in accordance with Australia`s legislation 5 7. The reference to paragraph 6 of a payment to a person`s partner under Australian law is an indication of the payment of a pension, benefit or allowance paid under Australian social security law, whether payable under this agreement or in some other way. 2. In the case of Australia, a reference to a benefit covered in paragraph 1 refers to a pension, benefit or allowance payable under its social security legislation. i. general social security legislation for employees and the equivalent of employees. 10. Any benefit paid in accordance with paragraphs 2, 5, 6 or 8 continues to be calculated in the same way if the person temporarily travels to a third country. A benefit that is not payable under this agreement is subject to the proportional calculation rules established by Australian social security legislation for each period of temporary absence in a third country that exceeds the Article 14 period for payment of a benefit under this agreement. For a benefit that is not payable under this agreement, the provisions relating to the assessment of a New Zealand benefit and, if applicable, any annuity from third countries of the Australian rate continue to apply, as if the person were in Australia or New Zealand, during the period during which New Zealand benefits must be paid in a third country in accordance with this agreement.

2. In the event that this agreement is applied by a party to a person, any clause not defined in this article, unless the context requires it, has the meaning attributed to it by the social security law of one of the contracting parties. Since the late 1970s, the United States has established a network of bilateral social security agreements that coordinate the U.S. social security program with similar programs in other countries. This article provides a brief overview of the agreements and should be of particular interest to multinationals and people who work abroad during their careers. 1. An application to a competent institution in the territory of a contracting state under the law of that contracting state for a benefit is also considered an application for benefit under the law of the other contracting state, provided that the applicant has indicated in that action that, or if there had been an affiliation with the social security scheme of the other contracting state. This does not apply where the applicant states that the determination of a benefit is deferred under the legislation of a contracting state on the basis of age. At the signing of today`s Social Security Agreement between Australia and the Federal Republic of Germany, plenipotentiary parties of both parties stated that they agreed on the following points: (ii) in the case of a married person in a civil union or in a de facto relationship, the maximum amount of the benefit (deducted from a written agreement from time to time by the competent authorities and in the New Zealand Gazette) to a person under the Social Security Act