Student Financial Agreement Csueb

How can I be informed of my financial assistance? You will receive an email to your Wildcat email account as soon as your help has been granted. We begin the awarding process in March of each year. The agreement serves as a notification of the possible consequences of non-payment and provides important information about the student account. . Your MyCSULB Student Center offers a simple way to access, view and manage your information on the student account online. If you want to know more about your student account, sign on to the single-sign on Portal. Below is an example of what is generated for the student. Please note that the banking information generated may vary depending on the country of origin and the « Pay Online » option may not be available to some students. Step 5: On the Payments tab, all payments, including grants, are shown on your account by date. By reading and accepting the agreement, students recognize the costs of their training, including financial planning and debt management. The agreement also fulfills several federal reporting obligations that govern the processing of students` accounts. The agreement also specifies the possible use of collection offices for past balances. Step 10: Fill out the fields required for the student and click « Next. » Step 2: Click on one of the five tabs (summary, activity, fees due, payments and pending help) that you want to view.

The « Summary » tab shows bundled fees, payments, unpaid grants and commissions due by maturity. How do I know if I have to pay a fee? Accelerate to your student centre and scroll down to the Finance section to view your account and check your financial support. Click « Account Request » to view your current financial assistance in your student account summary. Any financial assistance or other payment beyond your total cost will be refunded. If your total cost is greater than your financial assistance, you must pay the difference (Total Due) until the registration and payment period of the tuition fees.